A lot of debris goes down your drain line. Soap, dirt, hair, and even food particles could be causing obstructions. The damage these obstructions can cause to your home is devastating. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, plumbing companies recommend that you have your plumbing inspected at least once a year.

Here are the four main reasons why you need to clean and maintain your drain pipes.

Eliminate Bad Odors

Sometimes foul odors can emanate from your drain. It happens when there is the decomposition of organic material within the plumbing. In the kitchen and bathroom, the harmful microbes in the drain are fed continuously with heat and water, which helps them grow.

Some homeowners try to mask the smell using detergents or chemicals. However, this is hardly an effective solution for getting rid of the ‘gunk’ causing the odors. When it floods, the bacteria and toxins can emerge from the drainage, causing havoc in your home.

Avoid Unsanitary Conditions

Bad odor is not the only issue you will have to contend with if there is a clog in your drain. Sewage water can flood into the home. The sewage can get to your bathtub or the floor of your shower.

Unclean water backing up can lead to you or your family members developing waterborne diseases. Again, if this goes on unattended, you never know when the system will finally burst. It is, therefore, critical that you consult a plumbing company to check your drain as soon as you detect an issue.

Increase the Lifespan of the Plumbing system

Even minor clogging can damage your plumbing system. If you have not been observing regular maintenance or you live in an old house, your plumbing is more vulnerable to damage as a result of wear and tear. Roots from nearby trees may have also damaged and invaded drain pipes, thereby causing obstructions.

Removing these types of clogs will require the expertise of a professional local plumber. Failure to remove them only leads to more damage. Within a short time, cracks and leakages will develop around the joints before the whole system eventually fails and need replacement.

Cost Savings

If you do not maintain your plumbing, it may get to a point where the system will need expensive repairs. A local plumber may have to come to your home to excavate and locate the point of clogging. The process can be costly and time-consuming, sometimes it may even require you to stop using certain facilities until repairs are complete.

Additionally, when it gets to the point where the sewer floods, it can cause significant damage to your property. Sewer backups can ruin electrical components, flooring, carpets, and walls. It may require extensive cleaning to get rid of the bacteria and toxins from the sewer.

A professional local plumber in Sacramento will have the equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the clogging. They use cameras that can probe the interior of the piping. By taping on their experience, they can identify problems that would have, otherwise, gone undetected.


You ought to clean your drains regularly to avoid expensive repairs in the future. The bigger your home, the more frequently you’ll need to clear the plumbing. However, it is generally recommended that you carry out regular maintenance at least once a year. If you detect any problems in the drainage, consult a professional local plumber before it gets worse.