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As any conscious homeowner knows, plumbing is an important piece of the overall function of your property. With good plumbing, potential problems are minimized and many are avoided before they are even given the chance to begin. But, as anyone who owns a property knows, sometimes plumbing problems are just simply impossible to avoid, despite […]

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An emergency plumber Concord trusts is the expert to call when you need plumbing services and you need them fast! Some plumbing problems can certainly wait until the next day during business hours, but some problems just cannot wait. The beauty of a trusted emergency plumber Fresno or an emergency plumber Modesto is that they […]

Clogged Drain Plumber Fresno

Hot water flushes grease down plumbing drain This is a common misconception. Grease sticks to pipes, drains and hot water. Even boiling water doesn’t remove grease or help it ‘flush’ down your drain. When hot water cools over the grease, the grease hardens and it actually creates a thick coating inside of your pipes. This […]