In the United States, the average family is known to use over 300 gallons of water every day. Have you ever thought about how much water your family uses, how it utilizes pipes and fittings that make up a plumbing system? Today’s plumbing uses a lot of technology when compared to the very beginnings of the industry. It’s always good to take a step back and look at the fascinating and rich history of plumbing, especially the history of plumbers themselves. Today’s plumbers, perhaps a skilled plumber Sacramento, may have been inspired by the many plumbers in history.

Einstein Would Have Rather Been a Plumber

In November of 1954, Albert Einstein was officially inducted into the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union as an honorary member. As it turns out, Einstein himself wished that he would have chosen plumbing as his career path since he had a passion for it. He admired the independence that came along with the vocation, the same independence a plumber Sacramento still enjoys today. Einstien’s sentiments made the plumbing community a big fan of him.

Who Invented the Toilet?

Could you imagine being the plumber that invented the toilet? Such a revolutionary invention was first created in 1596 by Sir John Harington, hence how a toilet became to be known as ‘the John’. A flush valve was created by him to release water from a tank. He was the godson to Queen Elizabeth, who loved his invention and used it enthusiastically. However, the first idea of the toilet was not greatly accepted by all and chamber pots remained as the popular ‘toilet’. By the 1880s, an Englishman by the name of Thomas Crapper replaced the floating valve system with what is called the siphon system. This made the ‘John’ more user-friendly and was easily used by the masses. Again, due to the inventor’s name, the toilet gained another name, ‘the Crapper’.

Where Did the Word ‘Plumber’ Come From?

Today’s plumber Sacramento has already had their vocation defined by their predecessors. However, where did the word plumber actually come from? It can actually be traced clear back to the Romans. The term itself is Latin, ‘plumbum’, which is defined as lead. ‘Plumbarius’ was the term used for Romans who worked with lead. Over time the word was shortened to plumber. Now you know an interesting fact you can share with your local plumber the next time you call for service.

There Have Been Some Famous Plumbers Over Time

Many plumbing companies have had famous people among their ranks. Who knows, the plumber Sacramento that just fixed your leaky sink could be famous in a few years. Plumbing companies most likely did not know this either since stars like Sir Michael Caine and Ozzy Osbourne hadn’t quite become famous yet. Today, Sir Michael Caine is an actor who has won many awards. He started out as a plumber but decided it wasn’t the career path for him. Ozzy Osbourne was also a plumber. The prince of darkness used to unclog drains and may have even plunged one of your toilets.

Have you heard of the actor Bob Hoskins? Before his acting career in movies such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Hook, he was a plumber. He also portrayed one of the most famous fictional plumbers ever, Mario from the Mario Brothers. Plumbing is a talent that requires a special set of skills with many smart and talented people stepping up to become plumbers.

There Will Always Be a Need for Plumbers

Plumbing itself is highly-underrated considering what it actually does for people every single day. The moment something goes wrong, you call a plumber Sacramento whether you need repairs or maintenance. It’s time to face it, without plumbers, people would be much less comfortable and healthy. The next time you need to reach out to a plumber for services, keep in mind their history and the tough job they accomplish so you can fully rely on plumbing to work flawlessly.