You want to keep your home in comfortable condition for as long as you own it. A responsible homeowner like yourself pays attention not just to the regular ongoing things related to the home, but the underlying fixtures and supports that help make the house a home.

Your home’s plumbing is one of the most important parts of your company. Whether you have an older home with copper pipes or your water heater is brand new, you never know when you will need to call a plumber. Your home benefits from a healthy water flow and reliable plumbing fixtures; here are signs you need to call a nearby plumbing service to treat your home. If you have a huge leak or a sewage problem, call for a local emergency plumber who can arrive quickly.

You Have Leaking Bathroom Fixtures

Did you know that a leaking shower head alone can lead to a lot of water waste? Water waste is directly wasted money, so even a slow drip — one where the water only drips 10 times in a minute — can lead to hundreds of gallons of water thrown down the drain needlessly a year.

Don’t ignore leaking bathroom fixtures, or leaking fixtures anywhere in your home. Not only do leaks waste water, they can also cause moisture to build up around the sink or along piping, which can lead to mold and mildew or even rusting pipes or other types of corrosion. Call a plumber if you hear or see any type of drips coming from your bathroom fixtures, or if you feel like your pipes are wet but you aren’t quite sure why.

Your Drains Stink

Stinky drains are a problem that should be treated by a plumbing expert. The reason why is this: there is likely debris inside a drain if the drain itself stinks, which can cause not only an irritating or embarrassing odor issue, but problems with the pipes down the line.

If you have problems with your drains, such as stinky drains, you will notice not just a foul drain issue, but also a clogging issue. Clogged drains mean a serious problem, so you should call for a plumbing expert as quickly as you can. The clog can get even more dangerous if it travels down your sewer system and becomes difficult to remove. Your sewer cleaning specialist will allow you to have your drains cleaned so they can smell better and perform better as well.

Your Water Heater is Failing

Did you know that a failing water heater will cost you more money in keeping your home efficient and will actually disturb water quality as well? If your water heater is failing, the sediment and debris inside the tank will find its way into your home’s hot water supply. You will also notice that water doesn’t heat up as reliably as it used to or that the hot water supply is dwindling if your water heater isn’t working as it should.

Water heater maintenance is key to keeping your hot water in great condition. Your plumbing specialist will do what they can to ensure your plumbing fixtures are in wonderful condition and will inspect your water heater — among other appliances — on the regular to keep warranties in check and ensure your whole home is kept operating comfortably.

Even if you don’t have any current water issues going on in your home, it’s wise to consult with a nearby plumber to periodically inspect your home for any issues in your home regarding water use. Whether you have an older water heater, problems with your dishwasher, or you want to upgrade your home’s plumbing and don’t know where to start, ask yourself this: when is the last time a plumber near me checked on my home? If you cannot answer this question, it’s time to give your plumber a call.